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United Concordia Active Duty

The annual benefit is 1,200 and the lifetime orthodontic maximum at $1,500. Sealants on permanent bicuspids are no longer covered, but full mouth debridement, implant coverage, frenulectomy and frenuloplasty have been added to the contract. Specific information regarding all benefits is available in the TDP Dental Reference Guide.

The chart below highlights the more noteworthy changes.


Additionally, beginning with treatment plans starting February 1, 2006 and after, orthodontic payments will be made on a quarterly basis throughout the course of treatment. Payments will continue until the maximum is met or you notify us that the treatment is discontinued.

The level of TDP coverage remains unchanged as outlined in the following chart. Please note that the TDP provides coverage for selected services at a higher level for pay grades E–1 to E–4. These include endodontic, periodontic and oral surgery services.


Space maintainers are fully covered for patients under age 19 when involving posterior teeth. They are covered at 80% for patients under age 19 when replacing anterior teeth only.

A complete listing of program policies and procedures is included in your updated TDP Dental Reference Guide. Additional updates and information will be communicated to you in future editions of the Connection, as well as the website.