“Hi, my name is Ailady and I like many of you out there have always wanted that flawless smile. Therefore, I wanted to fix a few minor imperfections that to me felt like major imperfections. First, I wanted to close my diastema between my two upper front teeth and then I wanted to fix the crowding in my lower teeth. However, I did not want to wear metal braces so I inquired about Invisalign. I consulted with the doctor and it went great the process was simple. After consulting with the doctor and having my impression taken it was not longer than a month and I started wearing the Invisalign trays. Now, one year later I have got to say that I love my smile. My diastema is closed and the crowding that I one had on my bottom teeth are now beautifully straight. In the end, everything went great and I most definitely recommend Invisalign and Clarksville Dental as a whole because my experience was spectacular.”

“Last year, I visited Clarksville Dental Center and inquired about getting my teeth whitened. The doctor sat down with me and walked me through the process, had my impressions made and sent me off with the tools to create beautiful white teeth. Over the past year, I have had so many compliments on my bright smile. I would highly recommend Clarksville Dental Center–the friendly and professional staff make me break out my new smile at every visit!”

“I had been terrified to go to the dentist for years, but it finally caught up with me one night when I had a throbbing toothache. I called several dentists the next morning and it seemed like no one could see me or they wanted to give me an appointment that was two weeks away. Finally a friend from work suggested I try his dentist. When I called, the receptionist seemed genuinely concerned that I was in pain and asked if she could put me on hold so she could ask one of the docs if they could work me into the schedule today. When she returned to the line, she told me to be there later that same afternoon! When I arrived for my appointment everyone made me feel really comfortable and Dr. DeWald was wonderful and most importantly he got me out of pain! I would definitely recommend Clarksville Dental Center!”